Automatic Power Factor Panel

Automatic power factor panel is designed for industry as well as Home and Commercial buildings like Hospitals, Super market and Malls. It reduce the lose of electricity.

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Distribution Panel

distribution panels is designed for the Distribute electricity as per owner requirement.

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Meter Box


All enclosures and load bearing members are manufactured by 14/16 SWG CRCA sheet steel. Partitions are made by same thickness CRCA sheet steel. Fabricated with Hydraulic machines. Base frame is made out of 5mm thick MS channels. Feeders, Bus Bars Chambers, Cable Alleys, are fully compartmentalized. Painted in duct and vermin Proof Eco-Friendly environment by seven tank pre-treatment process. Bus are supported on non – hygroscopic SMC supports at suitable intervals to bear the stresses arising during stringent conditions. Bus bars are insulated with heat / shrinkable/ sleeves / codified as Red, Yellow, Blue for phases, Black for Neutral and Green for Earth as standard practice. All bus bars joints are provided with zinc passivized nuts and bolts to provide long life to all Electricals and mechanical connection.


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Moter Control Center/Power Control Center

Power Control Center/Motor Control Center panels are made up of 14/16/18 SWG CRCA material semi bolted structure firmly supported. Ensures desired breaking capacities, temperature rise & IP protection. Enough Space for incoming & outgoing Cable termination. Outgoing terminals are stud type as standard practice. All starters are Type Two Co-ordinated. CT terminals, Cable Alley Illumination Lamp, Space Heaters with Thermostats are standard features of our Panel boards.

MCC/PCC CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES : The Design of the Power Control Center/Motor Control Center panel is robust and rigidly constructed to suit a wide range of industries and buildings. The supporting structures which form the framework are made up from 2 mm thickness steel sections, fully pressed and punched by Hydraulic machines. The door covers, partitions and panel parts are fabricated with Hydraulic machines for high precision and accuracy. Base degree of protection is IP42. Higher degree of protection like IP54 or more can be manufactured on request. To ensure high quality finishing, all metal parts undergo thorough chemical treatment for anti-rust and epoxy powder adhesion. As standard, epoxy powder coating of 66 micron is applied evenly on all metal surface and oven baked at an average temperature of 150°C.

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